About Us
We are a married couple that love our animals.  We are the owners of Four Mile Road Ranch and
Kennels which is located on 34 acres three miles from Mart, Texas on a gravel road.  In 2004 Velma
got a little puppy from a friend of hers because her friend's husband said that he didn't want
another dog and she wanted Velma to find it a good home.  Bill had the same thoughts as Velma's
friend's husband had and told her we don't need another dog also.  That night Velma went to work
leaving the puppy in Bill's care, by the time she got home Bill told her that she wasn't getting rid of
this pup.  It was his!  As the pup grew we fell in love more and more with him and discovered that
he was from the Henley line of Olde Boston Bulldogge so we went looking for a girlfriend for him.  
We located a female that was also from the Henley line that we named Dixie and the rest, as they
say, is history.  We now have several dogs we use for  breeding but they are still our pets as well.  
We strive to be a  responsible breeder and we are members of the International Olde English
Bulldogge Association and the United Canine Association.  To learn more about the Olde Boston
Bulldogge you can read the message below or click on one of the Association links.  Velma
handles the actual sells of our dogs and puppies, she can be contacted at (254) 716-6992, which is
her cell phone or at v
emcowgirl1@yahoo.com.  The best time to call her is in the evening but if she
doesn't answer then please leave a message so she can contact you.  You may also use our
contact page.
Most of the information we have today on the Olde Boston Bulldogge is from "The Dog Book"
written by James Watson which was published in New York by the Doubleday, Page &
Company dated 1905.  The book is a popular history of the dog, with practical information as
to the care and management of house, kennel, and exhibition of dogs and descriptions of all
the important breeds of the day.  The book is illustrated from photographs, paintings, and rare
engravings.  The book can be found on Amazon.com.  From that website the book can be
downloaded to a Kendle or your computer for a fee. You may also go to www.moloss.com or
www.bulldoginformation.com/Old-boston-bulldog.html which gives information as well as some
very good old photographs of the breed. For those of us that want the history in a nutshell, it is
simply that the breed was created in the late 1800's by breeding an English Bulldog and a
White Terrier which was then lumped in with all the other bull terrier breeds in the show ring.  
The White Terrier is now extinct so the breeding mix can never be duplicated. The breed
became well established on their own and are today know as the Olde Boston Bulldogge or
"Boston Bulldog".  The Boston Terrier is a breed that came from the Olde Boston Bulldogge
but was breed and inbreed so often that many of the traits of the original Olde Boston
Bulldogge are gone forever from the Boston Terrier.  In "The Dog Book" it states of the change
from the Boston Bulldog to Boston Terrier: "...old members were regretting the change that
was being made into the breed." and "We have, however, two of the best informed of the old
breeders and exhibitors, men who assisted most materially in the formation of the breed, both
asserting that it is a dog of bulldog type as opposed to that of the terrier, yet the dog has
changed altogether from what they said it should be."   The book went on to say for the Boston
Terrier: "Great reduction in size means injudicious inbreeding, with the loss of intelligence, loss
of stamina, loss of reproductive powers which follow that course; in fine, the loss of all that we
most value in the breed is lost." Today the Olde Boston Bulldogge are still the same very
hardy, mild tempered, a free whelper,  and intelligent dogs they were breed to be.  They are
also known as a "people" dog because they get along with all ages and can live almost
anywhere, except for extreme temperatures, inside or out.  The breed isn't known for barking
without good reason and is known to stand their ground well when threatened by other dogs or
threats to their master.  Very easily trained, love do tricks and will give many years of love and
These links are of other fine breeders and friends that we have worked with in the past as well
as the Veterinarian we use.  Just click to visit them.
WACO, TX 76706
(254) 752-9565
"Ozzie", our Olde English Bulldogge puppy, giving "Spanky", an Olde Boston Bulldog, some leach training.
 Ozzie says "Who says you can't teach an older dog new tricks!"